I am a fully qualified and fully insured permanent makeup artist based in Maida Vale, London.

Prior to being a Permanent makeup artist, I completed my studies in BSc Medical Engineering at Queen Mary University and in MSc Biochemical Engineering at UCL. I then worked in the field of medical insurance while searching for a career that would satisfy my creative flair and make a real difference to people’s lives at the same time.

I looked in the mirror one morning and noticed that the permanent eyeliner I had done a few years ago has faded and decided to have it topped up and have my eyebrows enhanced too. A light bulb moment struck and I told myself that I have to explore this as a potential career. And so I did.

I shadowed a technician perform a brow treatment treatment. After the session, the client looked in the mirror, she was smiling from ear to ear, happy with her new look. This treatment transformed her self image. She stood taller and walked out looking more confident. I was deeply inspired and decided to start my journey as Permanent makeup artist.

Permanent makeup is both a science and an art form. I believe that my scientific background gives me the edge to approach permanent makeup in a scientific approach, always methodical, meticulous, precise and repeatable. I believe that this edge, and my natural flair in makeup allow me to produce beautiful results consistently.

I am totally passionate about permanent makeup. No matter your age or your reasons for permanent makeup, I will work with you and tailor a look that enhances your natural beauty.

We only live once, might as well look great 24/7 🙂

Below is a brief overview of the training needed to perform permanent makeup at a very high level.

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  • Permanent makeup is not just a simple matter of drawing on a set of eyebrows then tattooing them on. Permanent makeup is both a science and an art form and every technician has attained different level of training and hence different skill set.
  • I have personally trained at Natural Enhancement Permanent Makeup and my advance training 1 to 1 with Katy Jobbins, multi award winning industry expert and head trainer of Permanent Makeup Training Academy.
  • Colour Theory

    • Permanent Makeup pigments and colour mixing
    • Study of pigment range (21)
    • Colour Correction
  • Medical Knowledge

    • Dermatology
    • Medical Condtions
    • Contra Indications
    • Differences in Skin
    • Allergies
    • Consultations and Medical History

    • Needle types configurations
    • Equipment management & Sterilisation
    • 7 Advanced Needling Techniques
    • Pigmenting Guidelines for Brows, Eyes, Lips
    • Total Symmetry, Convex & Concave Faces
  • .

    • Pre Drawing & Measuring Eyebrows, Lips & Eyes
    • Natural Hair Simulation, Powdered Effect Eyebrows, Combination Effect Eyebrows
    • Lip Liner, Natural Lip Blush & Full Lip Colour
    • Eyelash Enhancement, Safe & Simple Eyeliner Designs 

Your Consultation and Allergy Test
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  • Having an initial consultation is recommended especially if you are unsure about permanent makeup. It gives you the chance to meet the technician to have a feel if you can work with them. During your consultation we can have an informal chat about your concerns and what you want to achieve with permanent makeup.
  • Any questions that you may have regarding permanent make up will be addressed. I would recommend for you to come with your day-to-day makeup so that I see how you normally wear your makeup. You may also bring a few pictures of makeup/look that you like.

Patch Test
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  • Although all of the pigments I used are hypoallergenic, clients will be required to have a patch test done 24 hours prior to treatment. Patch test is normally done on the initial consultation stage,
  • however the patch test may be posted to you along with instructions if you are travelling from far away. Providing that there is no reaction, I will be able to book in the next available appointment.

How Can I Guarantee You Will Love Your New Permanent Makeup
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  • Before your actual treatment, we will have another consultation, we will discuss what you want to achieve with permanent makeup. If you have any images of Permanent Makeup, bring them along With the understanding of your requirements
  • I will draw on a shape that compliments you face and you can see the exactly what it looks like before the treatment. We will then discuss your color together and I will custom mix your color that compliments your skin tone and hair color.
  • We will only start the treatment when we are both 100% happy with the color and shape.

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  • The treatment is build on 2 sessions. After the first treatment, the permanent makeup will look very bold and this is normal. During the healing process, this color can fade up to 70% to a softer natural finish.
  • After a 6 weeks healing period, the client would come in for their complimentary topup treatmnet. Depending on the client’s preference, we can go slightly darker or make minor adjustment to the shape accordingly.

  • We will only start the treatment when we are both 100% happy with the color and shape.