Eyeliner Enhancement

Your eyes are the window to your soul. An eyeliner enhancement can help your eyes look more expressive and awake. This can by achieved by infusing color within the lash line creating an illusion of thicker longer eyelashes. This is makeup is 100% waterproof, 100% smudge proof. This means your new look can withstand shower, swimming, sweating at the gym and there is no need to reapply your eyeliner mid day. This treatment is also great for you if you wish to save time and eliminate the hassle of applying your eyeliner daily, or if you are simply tired of being disappointed by the so-called smudge proof eyeliners sold on the high streets.


Discreet lash definer (upper of lower lids)
Discreet lash definer (both lids)
Fine eyeliner (upper or lower lids)
Fine eyeliner (both lids)
Medium to thick eyeliner (upper)

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What is the process?

Here is a step by step guide to your Permanent Makeup process

Step 1 Consultation

Give us call or whatsapp to arrange your complimentary consultation. This is your time to explain any concerns that you may have an your goals with permanent makeup. You will receive your 24hours patch test and be booked for your treatment.

Step 2 Enhancement

During your pre-treatment consultation, we will select a color that will best enhance your eyes. We will only begin the treatment when you are happy with both the color design. After care advice will be provided post treatment. A six week healing period is recommended before your complimentary control session.

Step 3 Fine Tuning

During your control session we can intensify the color should you wish for a bolder look and we can make minor adjustments if required. After care advice will be provided post treatment. An annual maintenance is recommended to keep your new look fresh.

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