Frequently Asked Questions

Permanent makeup or semi permanent makeup as it is sometimes called is the implantation of pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. The process used is similar to that of a tattoo but the depth of implantation is 0.50m instead of 3-4mm.
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Yes, it is very important. At your consultation we will discuss styles and colours.
It is important to keep your enhancement looking fresh, so we would recommend a boost every 12-15 months
Currently the treatments available are Eyebrow Enhancement, Eyeliner enhancements and Lip Enhancements.
Most people can benefit from Permanent Makeup in one way another. Most clients use it cosmetically, but it can also be used medically for areola reconstruction or alopecia.
Immediately after the treatment the area may be slightly inflamed which will subside after a day or two. It will then lightly scab and which will flake off after around 2 weeks. This is a guide as all skin types are different.
Depending on the treatment, it can take anything from 1.5 hours for a boost, to 3 hours for an enhancement
Recovery time depends on skin types, but from enhancement to post scabbing will be around 2/3 weeks
My clients refer to it as a mild scratching sensation. A numbing agent can be used.
At your consultation we will discuss shape and colour and “fashion Brows”.